Intimate Tahoe Wedding

After 17 years together, Craig and Neil have built a strong relationship–and they’ve also built a business together. It was a love of Tahoe that brought them to the lake for an intimate and beautiful ceremony.

It was Craig’s dream to be married in Tahoe, where these two visit and hike regularly. (And, I mean, they are serious hikers!) So, they found a house that would hold most of the guests, packed up their pup, Barkley, and headed to the lake.

I have to admit that our long conversation on a Sunday afternoon felt like I was just hanging out with old friends over brunch. (Minus the mimosas and the brunch!) We spent our time laughing and talking as they described how this relationship almost didn’t happen–until one of them finally asked for a phone number on the last day of working together!

When each of us arrived at the private Kingsbury Grade home for the ceremony, we were asked to select a pin to wear to the ceremony. There were two choices representing Autism or Down Syndrome. This was how they chose to include and honor the kids they work with to help develop communication, occupational and physical skills. It’s a labor of love they do together (along with additional therapists and staff–and, of course, Barkley, too) as they help the kids take on new challenges and expand the possibilities. As the officiant, I chose both pins to bring them all central to the ceremony.

They brought along Barkley, their adorable dog. Barkley was our ring bearer and after his job was done, he lounged on the threshold a few feet from where Craig and Neil were saying their vows.

During the ceremony, Craig and Neil conveyed deep love, respect and joy for each other and for their life  together.


Congratulations, Craig and Neil! 


UPDATE: And, I love that you have been back hiking and relaxing in Tahoe–and made time to see me, again!